Ethan Uslan is a ragtime/jazz/silent film pianist based in Charlotte, North Carolina. He is a 3-time winner of the World Championship Old-Time Piano Playing Contest (yes - that really exists!) and has performed all over the USA as well as in the UK, France, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, and Cyberspace, where his jazzed-up Für Elise has gone viral. Aside from solo work, Ethan has appeared with symphony orchestras, jazz bands large and small, improv comedy groups, and even a clown show.

Beginning classical studies at the age of 9 in his hometown of South Orange, NJ, Ethan went on to study classical piano at Indiana University. Overloaded with classical music, Ethan began to play Scott Joplin and Fats Waller as a diversion. But eventually the syncopated music took over, and he hasn't looked back since. Ethan's performances are filled with passion, humor, virtuosity, and a deep love for America's rich musical past. His vast repertoire includes original arrangements of Civil-War era songs, New Orleans Jazz, 1920s Charlestons, blues, stomps, Harlem stride piano, swing, Cuban rumbas, jazzed-up versions of classical masterpieces, and one Hawaiian song called Yaaka Hula Hickey Dula.